Verner’s Automotive Service

VW-Audi-Subaru Service and Repair Specialists

We are an independent Volkswagen, Audi and Subaru maintenance and repair facility in Boulder, Colorado.  We stand behind our work with a 6 month/6,000 mile warranty on new parts and labor.

We offer free retrieval of diagnostic trouble codes. We are experts at factory scheduled 40, 60, 80 and 120,000+ mile service.
Verner’s Automotive Service mechanics are VW Specialists, Audi Specialists, Subaru Specilists and Vanagon Specialists. We provide Vanagon Engine Conversion, Brake repair, Diagnostics, Diesel Engine Service, Oil and Filter, Tune-Ups, Automatic Transmissions, Clutches Turbo Charger Diagnoses and Repair, CV Boots, CV Joints, Wheel Bearings, Air Bag Service, Antilock Brake Service, Drive Axle Service, Air Conditioning Service, Alternators and Starters, Clutches Service, Diagnostic Services, Electrical Systems Service, Engine Service, Fuel Injection Service, Auto Service, Shocks and Struts, Timing Belts  and Batteries.  We are Eurovan Specialists.
Audi and VW Specialists
Vanagon Specialists
Vanagon Engine Conversion
Brake repair
Diesel Engine Service
Oil and Filter
Automatic Transmissions
Turbo Charger Diagnoses
and Repair
CV Boots
CV Joints
Wheel Bearings
Eurovan Specialists
Air Bag Service
Antilock Brake Service
Drive Axle Service
Air Conditioning Service
Alternators and Starters
Clutches Service
Diagnostic Services
Electrical Systems Service
Engine Service
Fuel Injection Service
Auto Service
Shocks and Struts
Timing Belts



From check engine light service to major repair and regular scheduled maintenance we offer full service repair for your Volkswagen, Audi and Subaru cars.