I founded Verner’s Automotive Service

…in 1986, and quickly magnetized a team of great mechanics, who shared my commitment to this front range Rocky Mountain community, with a passion for Audi and Volkswagen cars. They are all really intelligent people who weren’t interested in joining the corporate work environment that pervades most dealerships and automotive service chains. Everyone in our family has chosen the life of an auto mechanic because of their passion for cars and their desire to work in a local, independent business that really benefits their friends, family and the people in our area. We are happy to announce that we are now servicing Subaru too.  Our customers come from all over the Front Range, including Boulder County municipalities like Lafayette, Louisville, Superior, Lyons, and Erie, and people from as far away as Broomfield, Westminster, Thornton, and the Denver area.      – CJ Bulger

Why our rates are so good

We can offer a high level of service at a much lower rate than other automotive technicians, because where most franchises pay high leasing fees on their property, our shop is bought and paid for. I pass this saving in overhead on to my customers in hopes that it makes their lives a little easier.

Why our service is so good

We’ve made a point to specialize in just three types of cars, and to know them inside out. It takes a lot of education to get to know the minute functioning of a car line, and we have consciously chosen to work only on  Volkswagens, Audis and Subarus where we know we can offer a superior level of service.

  • We service VW, Audi and Subaru, specializing in Vanagon service.

  • Verner’s Automotive Service is know for their experienced installation of 2.5L Subaru engines in Vanagons.